YSM Software and Business Solutions is working under the YAZICI Group with a mission to provide unique, dynamic, efficient; software solutions, consulting services and digital marketing support. The first priority of YAZICI Group’s and its units are to fulfill the maximum customer satisfaction by providing their need and offer and project performance. To achieve this target, YAZICI Group differentiate its units based on their function and target market and considering economic value to the customer.

Since its inception in 1996, YAZICI Group creates ArtWIN.Net in 2002 for digital marketing support by building website and its content. Top 500 companies in Turkey have been served with these solutions.  In 2008, YSM was established to serve three different needs of customers. These units are Software, Marketing Support and Consultancy.

We are committed to let you have the best management practice in your business. For this reason our Software unit is continuously developing solutions for the business operations’ need, Marketing support unit working for web-based marketing activities including e-commerce, website development, internet advertising etc. and Consultancy unit is solving or indicating the software solution for your various organizations units and activities.
From our establishment since 2008 as YSM Software, we are continuously working for integration management and we consider for integration management “Intelligent Software is Must!”

We also consider at the same time that for your organization development and operations efficiency “better software with better marketing and better advice is must” to achieve it, which can be provided by our units.