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EVET CRM Solution

“Good customers are an asset which, when well managed and served, will return a handsome life time income stream for the company” – said by the Marketing Guru Philip Kotler.

It is evident from the research that regardless of what type of Sector and structure the companies are managing, the secret behind a successful company lies on a well managed customer-base. In precise, an effective CRM Solution is the strength of a well-stable organization.

EVET CRM Solutions is one of the 3 core solutions in the YSM EVET Brand Line. It comprises with basic elements of Marketing, Sales, Service, Contracts, etc.

What does Customer Relationship Management mean?

Unlike other entity of the company’s operations, Customer Relationship Management is directly focusing in keeping the customer satisfies and happy by company’s offerings in order to create and keep profit margin from the customer. It measure, analyze and compare customer demand in different degree of consumer perspective and help to think about the characteristics of product specification. The main priority is creating the loyalty among the customers for long term business by building relationship.

Why Customer Relationship Management is important?

During the rise of service Sector in 1980s, the CRM concept emerges in the mind of marketers to face the intense competition in the Sector. Marketers start to realize that keeping the old or existing customers are easier rather than searching for new customer and loyal customer can be act as a medium of advertisement for the company.

The importance of CRM lies in the range of affects of its parts in the business. In YSM, we always try to explore our Software R&D based on market research direction. In case of CRM, we also kept in mind the following impacts of its parts in developing the solution:

Part of CRM Characteristics Impacts
Relationship Management Instance service response,One-2-one solutions to customer requirement,Direct online communication with the customer,Customer service center Increase customer satisfaction,Customize the service,Attract more customer,Maintain the customers
Salesforce automation Tracking client’s account historyAutomation of sales promotion analysis Provide info for future sales and repeated sales,Increase sales and keep the customer
Use of technology Use technology to add valueData-warehousing technology needed Provide differentiate and customized serviceKeep leading position in the competition
Opportunity management Manage unpredictable growth and demandForecasting method To better meet the customers’ needTo optimize the supply and demand

*Source: Zeng, Wen & Yen (2003), Customer Relationship Management (CRM) in B2B e-commerce.

The above description is the general view on CRM. We elaborate the parts of the concept based on Sector need to act as a robust solution for the organization.

We always believe that, “The best advertising is done by satisfied customers (Kotler).””]

Marketing Mix

EVET CRM considers the core of the marketing in managing the relationship. Implementing four dynamic parts of the 4P Marketing Mix in the CRM practice allow the managers to see the CRM from 4 different directions.

What is inside Marketing Mix?

  • Product
  • Benefit-Specification
  • Customer-Product Relations
  • Pricing
  • Marketing-Price
  • Promotion
  • Event Management
  • Announcement Management
  • Place
  • Target Group-Segmentation
  • Customer Touch points
  • Competitor Database

Major Marketing Mix benefits from EVET CRM

Identify the benefit list needed by the customer from a product and use it develop product specification.

  • Determine price based on market trend, consumer demand as well as product specification.
  • Managing promotional activities with details of target market, channels of communication and appropriate promotional tools.
  • Manage distribution channels based on planned segmentation and penetration strategy.

Campaign Management

 For special occasion or for a short period of time Campaign plays an important role in the CRM activities. Managers can use EVET CRM and get the highest output to achieve their targeted objective from a campaign and evaluate the performance.

What is inside Campaign Management?

  • Campaign Planning
  • Campaigns
  • Campaign Monitoring
  • Campaign Closed
  • Campaign Evaluation

Major Campaign Management benefits from EVET CRM

  • Distribute campaign details among the related units to understand and support as planned.
  • Monitor the update and reaction from the target market about the campaign programs.
  • Evaluation of campaign from the data provided by the related units and market response.

Sales-Sales Force

 Sales unit is considered as the main revenue generating unit in a company as well as in EVET CRM. The managers can coordinate their sales plan implementation perfectly with the tools and modules embedded in the Sales-Sales Force Sub-Package.

What is inside Sales-Sales Force?

  • Sales Opportunity
  • Sales Proposal
  • Sales Order
  • Sales Invoice
  • Sales Delivery Receipt
  • Sales Flow
  • Sales Probability Analysis
  • Sales Team
  • Sales Force – Quota & Premium

Major Sales-Sales Force Management benefits from EVET CRM

  • Managing Sales Cycle in form of different levels of the process Identify, approach and customize the sales trend based on data
  • Generate customized or built-in reports from the database Distribute sales force according to segment need and monitor the performance Set the target and follow-up the update based on customized segmentation

Activity & Relationship Management

 To initiate activities and make follow-up report can enhance the proper implementation of company’s strategy. EVET CRM’s Activity and Relationship Management give the platform to manage the relationship with your supplier and your customer with smooth database management system.

What is inside Activity & Relationship Management?

  • Activity Management
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Supplier Relationship Management

Major Activity & Relationship Management benefits from EVET CRM

  • Initiate and follow-up your regular activities. Built-in templates help to identify, categorize and treat the customer based on priority and needs. Evaluate supplier performance and build a strong relationship by coordinating purchase process.

Contract Management

 For keeping a good relationship with the customer and the supplier contract and agreement plays a pivotal role. EVET CRM considers that by managing the contract you can manage the relationship properly. Other (not sales) contracts are managed at YSM MTB contract management solution.

What is inside Contract Management?

  • CRM Contract Management

Major Contract Management benefits from EVET CRM

  • Tracking the contract whenever needed, so that any future confusion can be resolved quickly and easily. Can be work as an instruction or regulation rules for a project or for a job. Work as a future reference for the new job. Exceptions of contract items are very critical so you can be aware of the important things. It warns you on time about any item if you want.


 Some financial transaction and items which are very essential for the regular operations are included in the EVET CRM as Pre-Accountancy part.

What is inside Pre-Accountancy?

  • Cash Management
  • Bank Management
  • Cheque Management
  • Current Transaction
  • Revenue-Cost
  • Financial Risk
  • Currency Rates

Major Pre-Accountancy benefits from EVET CRM

Give some idea about outstanding balances of cash and bank financial situation. Follow-up the issued or received cheques. Update currency information for conversion to make international agreement. Indicate some financial risk factors and record with reporting capability of the revenue and the cost. For more detailed information, please click here and fill-up the form. We will get back to you with more details soon

Complain & Satisfaction Management

 For the building loyalty, which is key objective of CRM; it is very important to hear the customer complain and keep satisfied with the product and services. EVET CRM’s Complain and Satisfaction Management help to manage this important issue of relationship management.

What is inside Complain & Satisfaction Management?

  • Complain Notice
  • Customer Complain Management
  • Satisfaction Analysis

Major Complain & Satisfaction Management benefits from EVET CRM

  • Let the customer give an opportunity to understand their level of satisfaction.
  • Get indications for future improvement of the product specification or service offer.
  • Understand the value of the service and benefits are given by the company.

Stock Management

 With EVET CRM, you can manage your stock (i.e., material) related activities efficiently by maintaining a close relationship with your supplier and customer for material or product delivery.

What is inside Stock Management?

  • Stock Receipt
  • Purchase Proposal
  • Purchase Order
  • Purchase Invoice
  • Purchase Delivery Receipt

Major Stock Management benefits from EVET CRM

  • Tracking the products or materials with the points of departure or arrival.
  • Generate reports on the current material status, levels and merged with future demand.
  • Maintain purchasing process with the appropriate stages.

Service Management

 Service Management in EVET CRM gives you the platform to highlight the services you are performing with its impact on your customer or to your supplier.

What is inside Service Management?

  • CRM Service

Major Service Management benefits from EVET CRM

  • Measure the service benefits related stake-holders are getting from your company.
  • Find out the gaps between expected and performed service benefits.
  • You can manage both the services you give with contract or without contracts, either with a regular service work order or on call base.
  • You can manage both the maintenance activities you give with contract or without contracts, either with a regular maintenance work order or on call base.

E-Document & Digital Archive Management

 With EVET CRM you can manage documentation and archiving activities with your customized demand to operate your operations and keep the references for future use.

What is inside E-Document and Digital Archive Management?

  • Pre-Accountancy Documents
  • Sales-Purchase-Shipping Documents
  • Contract Documents
  • E-Documents

Major E-Doc & Digital Archive Management benefits from EVET CRM

  • Reduce the cost of managing physical documents and increase the concept of paperless environment.
  • Coding system allow you to track the old documents and use as reference in any kinds of agreement or negotiation.
  • Allow quick respond in any kinds of documents inquiry.

CRM Analysis

 CRM Analysis will allow you to measure your CRM effectiveness considering different dimensions or parts of the CRM.

What is inside CRM Analysis?

  • Marketing Analysis

Major CRM Analysis benefits from EVET CRM

  • Allow you to count the number of customers, suppliers, competitors, purchase order, sales orders etc. are considered in the CRM process.
  • Overall income and expenditure from and by the CRM process can be identify.
  • Ranking based on performance of the related units or parts of the organization can be measured by the analysis.

    • Sales OpportunityDefine the prospective customer with details of contacts and requested products and/or services
    • Sales ProposalThe template helps you to make sales proposal with the appropriate details of offers. A sales proposal (quotation) can be copied and transformed from a sales opportunity.
    • Sales OrderIt will describe the details demand of the customer with detailed instruction, terms and conditions. A sales order can be copied and transformed from a sales opportunity or from a sales proposal as well.
    • Sales InvoiceIt composed with the details of ordered products and/or services, the payment process. A sales invoice can be copied and transformed from a sales order.
    • Sales Delivery ReceiptThe report of the details of delivered products. A sales delivery receipt can be copied and transformed from a sales order and a receipt can also be transformed to a sales invoice as well.
    • Sales FlowIt shows the detailed descriptions of entire stages of sales process. This flow is very valuable for the positions who manage a sales force because it allows to see all the things at one glance.
    • Sales Probability AnalysisIt helps to estimate the forecasting of the sales trends. This is valuable for customer representatives (all sales people) and for sales force managers.
    • Sales TeamHelps in distributing the sales force based on the market and define specific objectives of individual teams.
    • Sales Force – Quota & PremiumIndividual target definition, instructions and application performance appraisal based on target achievement.
    • Activity ManagementIt can assist in keeping all the records related to the meeting, visiting, communicating, etc. for purchasing, selling, internal or external, with all the necessary details as well as for actions.
    • Customer Relationship ManagementAnalysis of the relationship with corporate and individual customer.
    • Supplier Relationship ManagementAnalysis of the relationship with corporate and individual supplier.
    • Benefit-SpecificationCompile the list of benefits for specific product specifications. This helps to create an enterprise memory of the corporation to use in promotion as marketing materials (physical media or digital/virtual media).
    • Customer-Product RelationsCompetitors’ product analysis with the benefits, Customers’ purchase behavior, and customers’ preference trends etc. related with customer with product can be identified/matched with this function.
    • Marketing-PriceIt’s a detailed template with some items included, which needs to consider in creating the pricing strategy. Pricing is handled as one P of 4P (in marketing mix).
    • Event ManagementFor the special occasion or special promotion event management can organize the strategy with the objectives. It defines who is responsible for what, target audience, types of promotion, guidelines of the strategy etc.
    • Announcement ManagementThis tool can manage your announcement of your promotional offer sending via sms or bulk e-mail.
    • MARCOMThis helps to create an enterprise memory of the corporation so as to use when promotional marketing materials (physical media or digital/virtual media). Marketers who use advertising, branding, brand language, direct marketing, graphical design, marketing, packaging, promotion, publicity, sponsorship, public relations, sales, sales promotion and online marketing are need of MARCOM. It helps to initiate, maintain and evaluate those promotional activities.
    • Target Group-SegmentationIt defines the target customers (or teams) and different into small parts based on differential demand and characteristics. Segmentation is one of the most important and vital issue of any CRM projects held in any organization. It helps to identify who is my customer and what can I give (used for customer & product/service match) to each respective segment.
    • Customer Touch Points (TP)This part will define where you will get the customer, where the communication with the customer will begin, and the place where the connection has been established. Analyses are made based on each TP item and decisions are based on these analyses especially in defining the marketing strategy for a certain period of time.
    • Competitor DatabaseHere the detailed information of competitors’ market share, product strength-weakness, marketing strategy, business strategy, resources etc. information can be recorded to understand the market competition.
    • Campaign PlanningThere are two parts of campaign planning. One part is focused on generating new ideas and the other part is dealing with the planning part.
    • CampaignsDetails of the campaign can be recorded in this part.
    • Campaign MonitoringThe templates will assist in monitoring the campaign plans.
    • Campaign ClosedTo finish your promotional activities, some steps need to be taken. This can be done by this tool.
    • Campaign EvaluationIt is very important to evaluate the overall campaign program in means of target achievement and coordination with the units. This tool will help you to understand your product position and efficiency of marketing plans.
    • Complain NoticeThis includes the categorization of complains and their entry into the recording system.
    • Customer Complain ManagementIdentifying problem areas, prepare reply to the complain ; take necessary actions to solve the problem by this tool.
    • Satisfaction AnalysisConsidering individual & corporate customer as well as individual & corporate supplier and analyze their satisfaction level for specific product and services by measuring the gap between expectations with original performance.
    • CRM Contract ManagementDetails of the agreement or the contract with the customer or supplier can be recorded with this tool.
    • Cash ManagementThe total availability of cash liquidity in the different parts of the company with their treatment can be identifying with this tool.
    • Bank ManagementYour business transactions accounts, loan or investment document with the bank can be managed by this tool.
    • Cheque ManagementIssued and submitted cheques’ status and related document management can be done by this tool.
    • Current TransactionThis tool helps to identify all kinds of current receivable or payable bills status and possible treatment.
    • Revenue-CostIt helps to identify and generate the reports from the income generating unit as well as cost generating in monthly, quarterly or as per user requirement.
    • Financial RiskThe tool helps to draw the point where the business will be considered as in risk. It use both customer and suppliers’ risk limit for doing business.
    • Currency RatesHelps to get the information about the up-to-date rates of currencies and the conversion. These rates are used in any operation which is not done with local currency.
    • Stock ReceiptThis tool allows generating report on the raw materials status in entire production cycle as well as before and after the cycle.
    • ShipmentIt describes the details of the delivery of the finished products to the distributor or to the customer.
    • DemandIt describes the total demand to purchase the materials.
    • Purchase ProposalThe proposed details for purchasing any goods or services. A purchase proposal can be copied and transformed from a purchase request.
    • Purchase OrderThe agreed order for buying goods and services with terms and condition of the agreement. A purchase order can be copied and transformed from a purchase proposal.
    • Purchase InvoiceThe receipt of the purchased goods and services with detailed description. A purchase invoice can be copied and transformed from a purchase order.
    • Purchase Delivery ReceiptThe report of delivered goods or services. A purchase delivery receipt can be copied and transformed from a purchase order.
    • CRM ServiceService planning for the CRM. Customer support after selling is managed via this module.
    • Pre-Accountancy DocumentsDocuments related with cash transaction, accounts receivable and payable.
    • Sales-Purchase-Shipping DocumentsAll documents related to Sales and Purchasing process of the company.
    • Contract DocumentsAll kinds of documents for agreement or contract with supplier or customer or any other bodies.
    • E-DocumentsCategorized, Meeting or Quality management related documents.
    • Marketing AnalysisAnalysis by number of entry of categorized data.