1996, in the rising era of internet, considering the need of Turkish market to cope with the global competition YAZICI Group was established in the area. YAZICI Group’s first attempt was to give a web-based platform to the local companies with a clearly understandable and attractive content. Realizing the need and market fact the first brand and Digital Agency SBU, ArtWIN.NET was established on 2002. Since then ArtWIN.NET has been serving for a number of companies including international enterprises.

YAZICI Group sensed the need of businesses solutions feeling that there are gaps between company need and existing software support. Big software companies are providing big software which is sometimes creating complexity, not user friendly and some functions remain unusable. Considering these facts and market need of effective solutions, YAZICI Group established its most innovative SBU, YSM Business Solutions Ltd., on January, 2008.
As YSM Business Solutions, we operate our Software R&D activities from a specialized Techno Zone known as “Kocaeli University Technopark” in Yenikoy, Kocaeli; which is very near to Istanbul. We also have a Consultancy Office in Izmit and a Sales Office in Istanbul for YSM Business Solutions. Our all R&D Projects are supported by the Turkish Government’s policy.
Our units are comprises with young, energetic, experienced, diversified and dynamic personals, who are constantly working for offering effective solutions for the market need.