Solution Partners

In this type of partnership YSM will responsible for developing the software. With the developed solutions, the partners will go for Selling, Training, Setup and Consultancy to the customer. Partners are responsible for the marketing and supporting activities.

Distribution Partners

In this kind of partnership YSM will responsible for Software Development, Software Setup and necessary consultancy for the customers. Partners will responsible for the selling and training approach to the customers. It means all development and supporting activities will provided by us and partners will look after the marketing activities.

Strategic Partners

With this type of partnership agreement, YSM will work with its partner side by side from the development of the software by analyzing market research report, demand trend, technological development; than with market exploration in local and international market; training to the customers, setup the software in the customers’ place, providing necessary consultancy etc. All activities related with development, marketing and supporting will shared with the partner.

Support Partners

For some YSM’s operational activities we need support from some technology or logistic provider. We consider these kinds of partners as our Support Partners. By agreement we utilize their technological know-how or logistic support for our development and operational activities. For example, for Cloud computing system we have Dorukcloud as support partner.

Developer Partners

We can also be a partner in our existing market for other companies. In this type partnership, the partner will be developer of the software and we will give the support for market exploration and customer related activities.

We are searching for Local Partners who are active in their area,
Country Partner who are running in the respective country and
Global Partner who are present in more than one country with their activities.