Based on our solutions’ features, benefits of the module, industry characteristics, market demand; we have divided our target market into five specific segments. We have used market information and their diversified need to differentiate the segments from each other.

The energy sector is a very complex production industry. This sector is involved with managing heavy machinery equipment, quality raw materials, inventory management, sales order, work order management, production scheduling & plans, shipment management etc. These steps need robust and effective system to conduct the operations by communicating with the related units. Focusing in these stages, YSM builds its special solution MES-Energy with detailed steps. Some typical businesses in this sector: Transformer manufacturing
Service sector is diversified in nature as it directly deals with people’s intention and perception. To maintain a good reputation, service providers needs to exercise many different industrial benchmarking tools with the customer.

It is always expected by the customer to see an excellence service performance while dealing with the business. Customer always expects quick responsive, fast tracking, high quality, and high beneficial but low priced services. Service industry is growing more and more as the need for the generic product and services is increasing day by day. Recent industry grows in largest economy in US and Middle East can show this trend of service sector. Keeping this in mind YSM embedded many functions and modules in all of solutions to support the service sector more efficiently in all respect.

Specially, the CRM solution is mean to be a core beneficial tool for the service sector. Some typical business in this sector: Banking Insurance Company Leasing organization After-Sales Service Provider

Sophisticated and most sensitive types of operations are required in the health sector. In each and every steps quality is the primary focus of this sector as it is directly related with human health issues. Priority based on necessity, response based on emergence, right things in the right time are some of the required conditions in this sector.

We do not hesitate to consider this volatile sector in our target market as it deals with a huge number of people and quality is embedded in the heart of our software. To cope with the need for this sector we have some modules which are directly and indirectly related with the quality management. Internal Control (COSO), Corrective and Preventive Action (CAPA) and Improvement & Quality are some of the modules which are used for quality control. Some typical businesses in this sector: Hospital Pharmaceuticals Company

Public sector is governed by the countries executive body and elected body of the government.

It relates with citizens of the nation with the services and facilities of the government with a non-profit orientation. The governments needs evaluate, monitor and directed its agencies to ensure the transparency, accountability and applicability of policies taken for the sake of the people. We, with our solutions can help the government to maintain and circulate its policy by our featured engaged in the solutions. Some typical units in this sector:

Government offices and agencies Development Agencies Cooperative societies

For temporary or short-term business operations project management is always mentioned as a sector. This sector is different from other sectors in terms of duration and objective. We have flexibility in our software to adopt with the project management.

Objective plays a vital role in the project management as the achievement of it stops the project activities. Our solutions can be run on objective based and reflect or remind it in every step. Typical Project Management: Designing a New Product Preparing Marketing Materials Modification of production line or factory

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