ince YSM’s inception, we focused on creating a user friendly environment for the businesses’ day-to-day operations for minimizing cost and increase efficiency in all respect. We consider the pain of enterprises of using complex and overloaded solutions and provide an effective solution with the merging capability. In fact, all the solutions which are created by us have the merging capability with existing ERPs.

We lead our development R &D projects keeping in mind, “Simple” and “Super”. The main priority is to give solutions which can harmonize between business units with faster adoption capability and accelerate the efficiency in the management practices. Our first and most advanced product line is YSM EVET. YSM EVET is under development for the last three years with rigorous effort of our R&D team.

We are focusing on developing solutions for customer relationship management, performance management of individual and enterprises, manufacturing execution, support in managerial decisions, managing human resources, web-content management, financial activity management, supporting enterprise strategic management and many more in the future. So far, there are three core and full phase solutions: CRM, Manufacturing Execution System and WEB-Management as well as six supporting solutions: Performance Management System (PMS), Management Decision System (MDS), Human Resources (HR), Financial support services (FIN), Strategic Enterprise Management (SEM) and Extra Managerial modules (EXT). YSM is still in the process of developing more innovative features and modules to solve the business problems.