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“The only vital value an enterprise has is the experience, skills, innovativeness and insights of its people”

- Leif Edvinsson, Swedish Intellectual Capital guru.

Human resource is always been considered as a soft stuff in an organization which can effect hardly in organization(s)’s growth and development. The father of scientific management Frederick Winslow Taylor and famous researcher in psychology, Prof. Abraham Maslow indicates the importance of human capital-human resource management during the wake of industrialization for creating a value by strategic management of intellectual property.

Considering these facts and importance of managing the core value of an organization strategically, YSM EVET builds EVET HR as an instrument to gain competitive advantage.

Why Human Resource Management is important?

Human resource is one of the most precious sources of strength which is intangible and hard to measure. It’s treatment have wide range of effect on the organizational management practices. In the basic setting of human resource management, there are two parties involved to make the relationship. One is the personnel or the employees and the other one is the organization. So, the importance of human resource management can be foreseen from these two perspectives. With a robust management practice of Human Resource,

Organization can:

  • Better be prepared to achieve the organization’s goal.
  • Increase the level of performance of employees.
  • Save the cost through the improved efficiency and productivity of workers.
  • Improve the ability to manage and adopt changes of management or technology.

Employee will:

  • Receive compensation that reflects their level of working activities.
  • Feel more enthusiastic and recognize how their work relates to the organization’s mission and values.
  • More satisfied with their responsibilities.

What is Human Resource Management System?

Human Resource Management System is a management system or process which is a combination of the concept of human resource management and information technology on standardized data processing platform for managing people. As it is mentioned earlier, there are two major parts, theoretical and technical. The theory of human resource management practices has been adopted in the information and data management system.

Typically, in a standard human resource management system, the core concepts of HR; Recruitment, Performance Appraisal, Job Design, Remuneration Management, Personnel Administration and Training & Development can be visible.


Recruitment is the vital part not only for the human resource practice but also for the whole organization as it is the core strength of the management. Recruiting right people can boost the growth of the organization and wrong people can hold back the growth of the organization. Keeping these things in mind EVET HR builds its “Recruitment Management” module by thinking strategically.

What is inside Recruitment Management?

  • Candidate Management 

Major Recruitment Management benefits from EVET HR

  • Helps to recognize right source for right people for related position.
  •  Helps to attract talented candidate by promoting employee branding.
  •  Maintain database of list of potential candidates for future use.
  • Help in management of recruitment procedures.

Employee Management

For managing recruited employee(s)’ information, EVET HR builds Employee Management module. It deals with all kinds of detailed information of each and every employee in the organization.

What is inside Employee Management?

  • Employee Management
  • Permission Management
  • Organization 

Major Employee Management benefits from EVET HR

  • Organized database management system for employee’s detailed information.
  • Assist in generating the reports on employee attendance and manage multi-types of leaves.
  • Draw the employee relationship and hierarchical chart to understand and coordinate a harmonized organization structure.


EVET HR designed its training module as Education Management. It has been prepare on the base of giving a learning platform to the employees.

What is inside Education Management?

  • Employee Education Management
  • Orientation Training 

Major Education Management benefits from EVET HR

  • Helps in realizing the need of training of the employees.
  • Helps in preparing training plan and schedule for the employees.
  • Preparing materials to cope with the corporate culture for newly recruited employees.
  • Identify industry progress and prepare training for the employees to cope with the advancement.

Objective & Performance

By EVET HR organizations can manage their corporate objective to main performance. This specific module has been in the context of implementing business plan with marketing strategy with an organized effort. It strengthens managers’ capability of controlling the company and its related stake holders in a systematic process.

What is inside Corporate Objective and Performance?

  • Objective Template
  • Top Management Objective Cards
  • Objective Cards (Functional)
  • Objective Cards (Organizational)
  • Objective Cards (Portfolio)
  • Objective Card – Approval of Manager
  • Objective View
  • Objective Card Transactions
  • Objective Performance – Enterprise Reports
  • SMART General Information 

Major Corporate Objectives and Performance Management benefits from EVET HR

  • Enables company to plan and monitor its all kinds of business plan.
  •  Assist to coordinate and motivate the individuals as well as teams to reach a common goal.
  •  Assist in building an agreed, consistent focus for all functions of an organization.
  •  Creates system of target-based mechanism in a dreamed performance system in minds and hearts of managers/owners of  the enterprise.
  • Helps to set the “management with measurement” concept.

Career Planing

This module developed for measuring or tracking the development of employee throughout his/her working period in the organization by EVET HR.

What is inside Career Planning?

  • Employee Performance Assessment 

Major Career Planning Management benefits from EVET HR

  • Identifying employees’ strong points.
  • Tracking the gradual development of the skills of employee.
  • Indicating measurable skills of the employees.

Wage Management

By EVET HR, you can manage your employee’s salary or wage based on performance and proposal.

What is inside Wage Management?

  • Employee Performance – Salary Relationship

This module is also given with consultancy services.

Major Wage Management benefits from EVET HR

  • Identify the KPI and determine the final salary or wage amount.
  • Satisfy the employee with clear clarification and treatment of the work he/she has done.
  • Managing comprehensive, readable and accountable salary or wage structure.

Position - Competency

By EVET HR, you can define the required competency level of related skills to understand the position clearly. This Position Based Competency module deals all kinds of requirement of a position.

What is inside Position Based Competency?

  • Corporate HR Leveling
  • Corporate HR Position Match
  • Corporate HR Pool 

Major Position Based Competency Management benefits from EVET HR

  • Define the degree of competency required for a job to match the candidates/employees.
  • Match the position with the skills’ levels.
  •  Prepare the list of competency for management use.

Health & Safety

Health & Safety is one of the most important benefits for employees especially in the manufacturing organizations. By EVET HR, you can manage this important issue of human resource management based on your capability and operational need.

This module will be activated on the next version of YSM EVET.

What is inside Health & Safety Management?

  • Health & Safety 

Major Health & Safety Management benefits from EVET HR

  • Identifying the need of health and safety management based on operations and policy.
  • Manage and update information about the health and safety of the employees.
  •  Taking care of employees and participating in CSR activities.

E-Document and Digital Archive

With EVET HR you can manage documentation and archiving activities with your customized demand to operate your operations and keep the references for future use.

You can use all the documents as attachment to the function which is allowed to add. For example; proposal files, pictures, etc.

You can use the documents as archive with all their revisions/versions either for quality purpose or for other needs.

What is inside E-Document and Digital Archive?

  • Pre Accountancy Documents
  • Sale-Purchase-Shipping Documents
  • Contract Documents
  • E-Document 

Major E-Document and Digital Archive benefits from EVET HR

  • You can manage all the documents by groups, types, folders, processes either like list or tree format.
  • Reduce the cost of managing physical documents and increase the concept of paperless environment.
  • Coding system allow you to track the old documents and use as reference in any kinds of agreement or negotiation.
  • Allow quick respond in any kinds of documents inquiry.
    • Sales OpportunityDefine the prospective customer with details of contacts and requested products and/or services
    • Sales ProposalThe template helps you to make sales proposal with the appropriate details of offers. A sales proposal (quotation) can be copied and transformed from a sales opportunity.
    • Sales OrderIt will describe the details demand of the customer with detailed instruction, terms and conditions. A sales order can be copied and transformed from a sales opportunity or from a sales proposal as well.
    • Sales InvoiceIt composed with the details of ordered products and/or services, the payment process. A sales invoice can be copied and transformed from a sales order.
    • Sales Delivery ReceiptThe report of the details of delivered products. A sales delivery receipt can be copied and transformed from a sales order and a receipt can also be transformed to a sales invoice as well.
    • Sales FlowIt shows the detailed descriptions of entire stages of sales process. This flow is very valuable for the positions who manage a sales force because it allows to see all the things at one glance.
    • Sales Probability AnalysisIt helps to estimate the forecasting of the sales trends. This is valuable for customer representatives (all sales people) and for sales force managers.
    • Sales TeamHelps in distributing the sales force based on the market and define specific objectives of individual teams.
    • Sales Force – Quota & PremiumIndividual target definition, instructions and application performance appraisal based on target achievement.
    • Activity ManagementIt can assist in keeping all the records related to the meeting, visiting, communicating, etc. for purchasing, selling, internal or external, with all the necessary details as well as for actions.
    • Customer Relationship ManagementAnalysis of the relationship with corporate and individual customer.
    • Supplier Relationship ManagementAnalysis of the relationship with corporate and individual supplier.
    • Benefit-SpecificationCompile the list of benefits for specific product specifications. This helps to create an enterprise memory of the corporation to use in promotion as marketing materials (physical media or digital/virtual media).
    • Customer-Product RelationsCompetitors’ product analysis with the benefits, Customers’ purchase behavior, and customers’ preference trends etc. related with customer with product can be identified/matched with this function.
    • Marketing-PriceIt’s a detailed template with some items included, which needs to consider in creating the pricing strategy. Pricing is handled as one P of 4P (in marketing mix).
    • Event ManagementFor the special occasion or special promotion event management can organize the strategy with the objectives. It defines who is responsible for what, target audience, types of promotion, guidelines of the strategy etc.
    • Announcement ManagementThis tool can manage your announcement of your promotional offer sending via sms or bulk e-mail.
    • MARCOMThis helps to create an enterprise memory of the corporation so as to use when promotional marketing materials (physical media or digital/virtual media). Marketers who use advertising, branding, brand language, direct marketing, graphical design, marketing, packaging, promotion, publicity, sponsorship, public relations, sales, sales promotion and online marketing are need of MARCOM. It helps to initiate, maintain and evaluate those promotional activities.
    • Target Group-SegmentationIt defines the target customers (or teams) and different into small parts based on differential demand and characteristics. Segmentation is one of the most important and vital issue of any CRM projects held in any organization. It helps to identify who is my customer and what can I give (used for customer & product/service match) to each respective segment.
    • Customer Touch Points (TP)This part will define where you will get the customer, where the communication with the customer will begin, and the place where the connection has been established. Analyses are made based on each TP item and decisions are based on these analyses especially in defining the marketing strategy for a certain period of time.
    • Competitor DatabaseHere the detailed information of competitors’ market share, product strength-weakness, marketing strategy, business strategy, resources etc. information can be recorded to understand the market competition.
    • Campaign PlanningThere are two parts of campaign planning. One part is focused on generating new ideas and the other part is dealing with the planning part.
    • CampaignsDetails of the campaign can be recorded in this part.
    • Campaign MonitoringThe templates will assist in monitoring the campaign plans.
    • Campaign ClosedTo finish your promotional activities, some steps need to be taken. This can be done by this tool.
    • Campaign EvaluationIt is very important to evaluate the overall campaign program in means of target achievement and coordination with the units. This tool will help you to understand your product position and efficiency of marketing plans.
    • Complain NoticeThis includes the categorization of complains and their entry into the recording system.
    • Customer Complain ManagementIdentifying problem areas, prepare reply to the complain ; take necessary actions to solve the problem by this tool.
    • Satisfaction AnalysisConsidering individual & corporate customer as well as individual & corporate supplier and analyze their satisfaction level for specific product and services by measuring the gap between expectations with original performance.
    • CRM Contract ManagementDetails of the agreement or the contract with the customer or supplier can be recorded with this tool.
    • Cash ManagementThe total availability of cash liquidity in the different parts of the company with their treatment can be identifying with this tool.
    • Bank ManagementYour business transactions accounts, loan or investment document with the bank can be managed by this tool.
    • Cheque ManagementIssued and submitted cheques’ status and related document management can be done by this tool.
    • Current TransactionThis tool helps to identify all kinds of current receivable or payable bills status and possible treatment.
    • Revenue-CostIt helps to identify and generate the reports from the income generating unit as well as cost generating in monthly, quarterly or as per user requirement.
    • Financial RiskThe tool helps to draw the point where the business will be considered as in risk. It use both customer and suppliers’ risk limit for doing business.
    • Currency RatesHelps to get the information about the up-to-date rates of currencies and the conversion. These rates are used in any operation which is not done with local currency.
    • Stock ReceiptThis tool allows generating report on the raw materials status in entire production cycle as well as before and after the cycle.
    • ShipmentIt describes the details of the delivery of the finished products to the distributor or to the customer.
    • DemandIt describes the total demand to purchase the materials.
    • Purchase ProposalThe proposed details for purchasing any goods or services. A purchase proposal can be copied and transformed from a purchase request.
    • Purchase OrderThe agreed order for buying goods and services with terms and condition of the agreement. A purchase order can be copied and transformed from a purchase proposal.
    • Purchase InvoiceThe receipt of the purchased goods and services with detailed description. A purchase invoice can be copied and transformed from a purchase order.
    • Purchase Delivery ReceiptThe report of delivered goods or services. A purchase delivery receipt can be copied and transformed from a purchase order.
    • CRM ServiceService planning for the CRM. Customer support after selling is managed via this module.
    • Pre-Accountancy DocumentsDocuments related with cash transaction, accounts receivable and payable.
    • Sales-Purchase-Shipping DocumentsAll documents related to Sales and Purchasing process of the company.
    • Contract DocumentsAll kinds of documents for agreement or contract with supplier or customer or any other bodies.
    • E-DocumentsCategorized, Meeting or Quality management related documents.
    • Marketing AnalysisAnalysis by number of entry of categorized data.